Veteran Lynx – Upgrade Kit

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Set of essential accessories for Veteran Lynx EUC

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    Introducing a set of essential upgrades for the Veteran Lynx EUC (Electric Unicycle), professionally designed and carefully tested to enhance your EUC’s performance, comfort, and safety.

    Choose the comprehensive package featuring pre-cut velcro set, two size seat option, and a diverse assortment of precision-engineered accessories. Our upgrades package is designed to bring out the best in your Veteran Lynx EUC, whether you’re cruising around town, racing or riding trails.

    We know that a single upgrade won’t be enough for some riders, so our package comes with all of the essentials.

    Order the full combo or select individual modules:

    1. Pre-Cut Velcro
    2. Bottom Covers
    3. Seat Upgrade (two sizes)
    4. Toe/Jump Pads Upgrade
    5. Flow Pads


    Intriducing precisely cut velcro set to optimize the installation of power pads on the Veteran Lynx EUC  and allowing for easy maintenance of your machine. This set serves to create the largest possible flat surface for the power pads, ensuring secure placement and optimal performance.

    Pre-Cut Velcro
    Pre-Cut Velcro for Veteran Lynx

    The set enhances the versatility and customization options as it improves capability of the Veteran Lynx for use with almost any available power-pads on the market.

    Key Features:

    • Precisely cut for perfect fit to Veteran Lynx side shell
    • Ultra-wide velcro strips with dense mesh/loop material
    • Strong adhesive
    • Easy wheel maintenance with free access to suspension screws

    What’s in the box:

    • Precisely cut velcro stripes, tailored to the Veteran Lynx outline (Left & Right side)


    Bottom Covers for Veteran Lynx
    Bottom Covers for Veteran Lynx


    The bottom covers serve as ground armor for the Veteran Lynx, particularly with respect to terrain with loose gravel, bumps, drops or stones. These covers are designed to protect suspension rods, batteries and cables to reduce the risk of damage in case of an unexpected impact.  You can easily attach bottom bumpers to your Veterna Lynx by press-fitting tthem. These parts were carefully designed for perfect fit with the stock parts of your EUC.

    Key Features:

    • Additional protection for battery cases (middle-bottom, cables) and Suspension Rods
    • Durable and flexible material able to absorb impact force and not break
    • Smooth alignment with the Veteran Lynx design
    • Press-fit installation with no screws nor velcro needed
    • Available as stealth protection (black) or adding color accent to your EUC (10 colors to choose from)

    What’s in the box:

    • 2x Bottom Covers (Left and Right)

    IMPORTANT – Please note that Bottom Covers won’t fit your EUC if you are using Pedal Lowering Kit


    The seat upgrade is a must-have for those who enjoy riding seated on their LeaperKim Veteran Lynx. The seat is made of semi-rigid elastopolymer with a compliant inner structure to absorb shock and dampen road vibration. Want to ride for long-periods of time seated? This is the best upgrade you could make.

    Designed for an enhanced seated riding experience, this upgrade comes in two sizes to accommodate various seated riding styles and preferences:


    • Slim Size: Perfect for riders who prefer a closer connection to their EUC, adding a minimal height increase of 4cm (1.6 inches) for a more integrated seating experience
    • Large Size: Ideal for those who favor a higher vantage point, elevating your seating position by 8cm (3.1 inches) for an enhanced view and comfort
    Seat - SLIM
    Seat – SLIM
    Seat - LARGE
    Seat – LARGE



    Key Features:

    • Optimized Comfort: Engineered for superior seated comfort, making long rides more enjoyable
    • Customizable Fit: Choose between slim or large sizes to match your personal riding style and comfort level
    • Effortless Installation: Attaches seamlessly to the Rear Handle
    • Secure Design: Features a reliable closing mechanism (velcro) to keep the seat firmly in place during your rides, ensuring stability and safety
    • Convenient Access: Maintains easy access to the stock trolley handle, blending functionality with comfort
    • Seat mount serves as non-slip grip for the rear handle
    • Interchangeability: Designed for easy removal or swapping between sizes, allowing for flexible use according to your needs

    What’s in the box:

    • Seat Upgrade (Slim or Large)
    • Installation set


    Toe/Jump Pads Upgrade for Veteran Lynx
    Toe/Jump Pads Upgrade for Veteran Lynx


    Introducing our Toe/Jump Pad upgrade for the Veteran Lynx Electric Unicycle, a practical enhancement designed for improved comfort and stability. These pads offer a better contact area for your feet, measuring 8cm/3.1 inches in width, ensuring your shoes stay securely in place during jumps, quick acceleration or emergency braking.

    Made with a focus on durability and comfort, the jump pads are constructed from a soft rubber material, making your rides smoother and more enjoyable. The base is made of a tougher rubber, providing the necessary stability without compromising the durability.

    Non-Slip Surface
    Non-Slip Surface

    Each set includes an easy-to-use knob for adjusting the height of the pads, allowing you to customize the fit according to your riding preferences. The pads are available in a selection of colors, enabling you to match them with your Veteran Lynx or add a personal touch to your ride.

    These jump pads are compatible with both the Veteran Lynx and the Veteran Patton models, ensuring a good fit with your electric unicycle.

    Key Features:

    • Enhanced foot stability with increased pad width (8cm/3.1 inches)
    • Anti-slip surface texture for secure footing
    • Soft rubber material for comfort during rides
    • Durable construction for extended use
    • Easy height adjustment for a personalized fit
    • Color options for customization
    • Compatible with Veteran Lynx and Veteran Patton models
    • Designed to complement Grizzla Flow Pads for a unified aesthetic

    What’s Included:

    • 2x Jump Pads for the Veteran Lynx (in your chosen color)
    • 2x Adjustable Knobs for height customization (in your chosen color)
    • 2x Rubber Bases (black)

    Upgrade your Veteran Lynx with our jump pads for a more comfortable and stable ride.

    5. FLOW PADS

    State of the art power pads allowing you to tackle full potential of the Veteran Lynx unicycle. Grizzla Flow offers unmatched performance and durability for riders seeking the ultimate experience. This innovative upgrade to any EUC represents a leap forward in human-centered design, delivering advanced features that are designed to optimize your ride. You’ll enjoy improved stability, reduced fatigue, and increased confidence on your rides.

    Built with high-quality elastopolymer and engineering techniques, Grizzla Flow power pads offer unparalleled comfort, grip, and control. With its unique design, this EUC upgrade is engineered to meet the demands of even the most demanding riders, and can be installed on all types of EUC.

    Whether you’re a seasoned EUC rider or just starting out, Grizzla Flow power pads will transform your experience. Join the next generation of electric unicycle riders and elevate your ride with Grizzla Flow power pads.

    IMPORTANT: This UPGRADES SET features Flow Pads in Big size of the Front Top and Rear Pads. Front Bottom is not included, assuming that you keep the stock or upgraded toe/jump pads on your Veteran Lynx. To purchase full set of the Flow Pads (including front bottom piece) or select different sizes, please use this LINK.

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