Begode EX30 – Ultimate Combo (MK2): Fairing Plates Installation Guide

1. Top Fairings assembly

Step 1: Identify two parts of the left Top Fairing: TF_F_L and TF_R_L:

Step 2: Insert M5 square nuts into the slots: 2 in the TF_F_L and 1 in the TF_R_L. Make sure all nuts are aligned with the holes:

Step 3: Insert 2 M4 square nuts into slots on the top of both parts:

Step 4: Insert the Ergonomic Top in the top slot and secure it with 2 M4 screws. Do not tighten them fully yet!

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 on the right Top Fairing (TF_F_R and TF_R_R)

2. Top Fairings installtion

Step 1: Frame preparation:

1 – make sure you don’t have any screw in the marked hole and that the thread functions properly (screw can be easily screwed and unscrewed)

2 – make sure you have top cable clips removed and these threads are also free and not damaged

3 – remove the middle battery screws

Do these steps on both sides.

Step 2: Place the Top Fairing on the battery packs and secure it with the M4 and M5 screws. Once all 4 screws are in place and tightened, tighten the Ergonomic Top screws:

Step 3: Clean the whole surface of Top Fairings and battery packs with isopropyl alcohol:

3. Plates Installation

Step 1: Remove the red film from VHB tape and align the Plate with all holes and outer edges:

Once aligned – press the plate against the wheel for ~60 seconds.

Step 2: Repeat the previous step on the other side:

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