Begode EX30 – Ultimate Combo (MK2): Rear Bumper Installation Guide

1. Assembling 3D printed parts

Step 1: Take the RB_TOP and insert 4 M5 nuts into the slots:

Step 2: Attach both RB_B parts with included M5x25 screws:

Step 3: Insert the plastic spacers into holes on both sides:

2. Lamp bracket installation

Step 1: Remove the metal base of the tailight and attach it to the included bracket. Use 4 stock srews:

3. Installation on the wheel

Step 1: Remove the M4 screws from the seat support on both sides:

Step 2: Hold the Rear Bumper close to the rear frame and slide the tailight into slots:

Step 3: Spread the rubber part (1) to make enough space for the lamp to come through and push it to the end of the slot (2):

Step 4: Place the cable in the dedicated slot from the inner side. If you are upgrading from MK1 – there is also another cable slot for the cable routed outside of the frame:

Step 5: Push the bumper forward until it aligns with the Ergonomic Top. Secureit with M4x50 screws:

Step 6: Secure the bumper with a pair of M4x35 and M5x16 screws:

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