KingSong S22 – Rear Bumper & Handle: Installation Guide

KingSong S22 - Rear Bumper & Handle

This is installation guide for the Grizzla Rear Bumper & Handle. It is designed for compatiblity with KingSong S22 and KingSong S22 Pro.

Tool requiered: 2 x Allen Key size 5, 1 x Allen Key size 4

  1. Before you start, please make sure the there is no preload on the DNM damper – loose the suspension spring if necessary

2. Remove the stock screws (use 2 x Allen Keys size 5) but keep th ericson socket nut inside the suspension arm

3. We’ll start with installing large part of the rear bumper

4. Place the Large Part of the Rear Bumper on suspension links. Make sure that the screw holes are aligned.

5. Guide the bumper ears around the suspension arms

6. Proceed with attaching the M8x25 screws (provided in the set). We suggest to use locktite to prevent loosening the screws.

7. Tighten the M5x25 screws (shorter ones) in the upper part of the rear bumper (both sides, use Allen Key size 4)

8. Place the bottom pieces of the rear bumper around the suspension arms.Place the bottom pieces of the rear bumper around the suspension arms.

9. Finalize the instalation process by tightening the M5x30 screws (longer ones) on both sides

Well done!

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