Sherman S – Bumpers & Seat Combo

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Complete set of upgardes for Veteran Sherman S EUC

Front Handle
Rear Handle
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    We are proud to present the Upgrades Combo for the LeaperKim Veteran Sherman S EUC (Electric Unicycle), professionally designed and carefully tested to enhance your EUC’s performance, comfort, and safety.

    Choose the comprehensive package featuring robust bumpers, a comfortable seat, and a diverse assortment of precision-engineered accessories. Our  Upgrades Combo is designed to bring out the best in your Veteran Sherman S EUC, whether you’re cruising around town, racing or commuting to work.

    We know that a single upgrade won’t be enough for some riders, so our package comes with all of the essentials.

    Order the full combo or select individual modules:

    1. Bumpers Set
    2. Top Fairings
    3. Seat Upgrade
    4. Pre-cut velcro Set

    1. Bumpers Set

    Front Bottom Bumper (Matte Black)
    Rear Bottom Bumper (Matte Black)
    Front Handle Cover (Red) & Front Top Bumper (Matte Black)
    Rear Handle Cover (Red) & Rear Top Bumper (Matte Black)

    Our bumpers are made of a tough, semi-rigid elastopolymer and designed specifically to protect the  battery packs corners and stock handles from unexpected impacts or collisions. The bumpers and handle covers are installed easily, and open to full customization.

    Key Features:

       Handle Covers: 

    • Enhanced grip and ergonomics of stock handles
    • Additional protection and color customization of stock handles

       Battery Case Bumpers:

    • Additional protection for the battery boxes
    • Secure installation with screws (Top Bumpers) and 3M VHB tape (Bottom Bumpers)

    What’s in the box:

    • 8 bumper parts (4 on each side) protecting all the battery case corners
    • Front Handle cover
    • Rear Handle cover
    • Installation screws
    • Grizzla Stickers

    2. Top Fairings

    Veteran Sherma S - Top Fairings
    Veteran Sherma S – Top Fairings

    Ergonomic rubber pieces to smooth out sharp edges of the suspension rods on your Veteran Sherman S electric unicycle.

    • This upgrade improves greatly leg comfort
    • You can now squeeze the wheel with you legs with no pain and control it with more confidence!
    • Pop-up instalation with no screws requiered

    3. Seat Upgrade

    Veteran Sherman S - Seat Upgrade
    Veteran Sherman S – Seat Upgrade

    The seat upgrade is a must-have for those who enjoy riding seated on their Veteran Sherman S. The seat is made of semi-rigid elastopolymer with a compliant inner structure to absorb shock and dampen road vibration. Want to ride for long-periods of time seated? This is the best upgrade you could make.  Designed for an enhanced seated riding experience, this upgrade will accommodate various seated riding styles and preferences.

    Key Features:

    • Enhanced comfort for seated riding
    • Easy installation to the stock carrying handle (no tools or screws requiered)
    • Not interference with carrying handle functionality

    What’s in the box:

    • Seat Upgrade
    • Grizzla Stickers

    4. Pre-cut velcro set

    Veteran Sherman S - pre-cut velcro set
    Veteran Sherman S – pre-cut velcro set

    We have developed a velcro set to optimize the installation of power pads on the Veteran Sherman S EUC. This set serves to create the largest possible flat surface for the power pads, ensuring secure placement and optimal performance.

    Key Features:

    • The pre-cut velcro stripes conform precisely to the Veteran Sherman S’ shape
    • This results in a flat surface measuring 37cm x 30cm (14.5in x 11.8in)
    • Ideal slotution for secure power pad installation and easy maintenance (screws access)

    In the Box:

    • Precisely cut velcro stripes, tailored to the Sherman S outline
    Weight 0.9 kg
    Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm
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