S22 – Front Bumper & Handle

This is installation giude for Grizzla Front Bumper & Handle. It is design for compatibility with KingSong S22/ S22 Pro electric unicycle

  1. Start with disassmbling the stock front bumper. Pry open the outer part of the stock handle. You mat use flat screw-driver or other tool with flat, narrow ending

2. Remove the screws holding the stock handle core (Allen Key size 3). Keep the screws near you , we will reuse it to install the grizzla handle

3. Identify Left (L) and Right (R) side of the Grizzla Front Handle inserts

4. Lead the cable in the channel of the front handle insert

5. Install the front handle inserts using screws and holes of the stock handle (Allen Key size 3). Try to move the cable tomake sure that is isn/tsqueezed between the handle core and the battery case

6. Repeat on the other side

7. Prepare the front handle. Make sure that all M5 nuts sit tight in the bumper

8. Slide in the rubber part of the front bumper

9. Assemble the rubber part and the inser with M5 x40 screws (Allen Key size 3). Secure the M5 nut on the other side of the screw hole to make sure it sits. Repeat on the other side!

Well done!

KingSong S22 - Rear Bumper & Handle
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