We are deeply upset by Putin’s aggression against Ukraine and have decided to do our share by donating part of sales to support our Friends in these difficult times. We have commited to donating 10-25% of our sales* from February 24th, the onset of the invasion and until today Grizzla has already donated more than 3,200EUR from its sales boosted through donation matching program to support humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Starting April 5, we will replace current and launch a new donation format – when purchasing our products you will be able to add a voluntary donation directly through our website, and Grizzla will match your donation 1:1 i.e. if you add 5% donation we will add another 5%. You can choose how much you’d like to donate, up to 10% of order value.

Money were and will be still donated to “SOS Ukriane” program led by Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) starting from the day of invasion until further notice.

Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) is an NGO with track record (~30 yrs) in helping victims of humanitarian crises caused by armed conflicts and natural disasters.

PAH is going to provide humanitarian assistance including food and other forms of support to people who have to leave their homes. PAH actions will help people affected by conflict, including internally displaced persons and refugees coming to Poland. As situation is very dynamic and PAH is going to monitor all the needs to adjust its actions accordingly.


– 10% of our revenues from all store orders
– 25% of our revenues from all orders in blue-yellow color combo

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