Veteran Patton - Ultimate Combo: Front & Rear Bumper Installation

1. Stock Bumpers Disassembly


Step 1: Unplug the rear light:


Step 2: Remove the 4 bolts which are holding the right rear handle bracket. Keep them for later use:


Step 3: Repeat this on the other side:


Step 4: Remove the 2 bolts from the rear handle bar. Keep them for later use:


Step 5: Remove both brackets and rear handle bar. Keep the handle bar:


Step 6: Remove the remaining 4 bolts and keep the bolts and the rear light:


Step 7: Unplug the front lamp:


Step 8: Remove 2 bolts from the side of the bracket and 3 from the front. Keep them all:


Step 9: Repeat this on the other side:


Step 10: Remove 2 bolts from the front handle bar:


Step 11: Remove 2 screws from the front lamp and keep them together with the lamp:

Step 12: Take off the remaining parts. Keep the handle bar for later use:

2. Front Bumper Installation


Step 1: Open the installation pack and identify the 6 M5 square nuts


Step 2: Insert them into slots in Front Bumper Mounts (PAT F_R and PAT F_L). Please take care of the orientation of the nut while inserting:




Step 3: Inspect if all nuts are aligned with holes in the mount:


Step 4: Repeat previous Step 2 and 3 on the other mount: 


Step 5: Identify 2 M5 hex nuts and insert them into slots in 2 Front Bumper arms:


Step 6: Insert P1 Spacer in the top handle slot. Push it until it’s aligned with the outer surface:



Step 7: Insert P4 Spacer in the middle slot:


Step 8: And the P2 Spacer goes into the bottom handle slot:


Step 9: Insert Spacers in the other part in the same order:


Step 10: Take the handle bar from the box and insert it inside the bottom handle slot of one arm:


Step 11: Use the included M8x20 bolts to join the 2 arms with this handle bar:


Step 12: Leave the arms on a side now. Take the 2 mounts and attach it to the EUC with stock bolts left from the previous disassembly:







Do not tighten any of the bolts fully until all of them are aligned:


Step 13: Take the joined arms and fit them into the mounts. Be careful to slide the marked elements under each mount. Once fitted correctly, it should look like on the last photo:



Step 14: Use the included 6 M5x45 to join all the parts:


Step 15: Take the stock handle bar and attach it with the 2 bolts left from disassembly:


Step 16: Install the front lamp with the same stock bolts, plug it back in:


Step 17: Use the remaining 2 M5x25 bolts to attach the Front Bumper to Top Fairings. This will provide extra rigidity of the top handle:

3. Rear bumper installation

Step 1: Open the installation pack and identify 8 M5 square nuts. Insert 3 of them into vertical slots in one mount. Please take care of the orientation of the nut as shown on the 2nd picture:



Step 2: Insert M5 nut in the horizontal slot. Make sure that the rounded side is facing down:


Step 3: Repeat the previous steps on the other mount. Check if all of them are aligned with the holes:


Step 4: Take the included P3 Spacers and insert them in both Rear Bumper arms:


Step 5: Take the stock handle bar and attach it to one of the Rear Bumper arms:


Step 6: Slide the rear light into the slot and attach the second arm on the other side:


Step 7: Use the stock M5 bolts to attach both mounts to the EUC body. Do not tighten any of them until all bolts are aligned with threads:


Step 8: Check if all bolts are in:



Step 9: Take the assembly with rear light and slide it down into mounts:


Step 10: Join the two modules with included M5x45 bolts:


Step 11: Secure the rear light with 2 stock M5 bolts:


Step 12: Plug the rear light in:


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