Begode EX30 – Front Handle Upgrade


Good grip and improved comfort while lifting and carrying the EX30

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Our set of ergonomic handles (front and back) ensures a good grip and improved comfort while lifting and carrying the wheel. Front handle uses stock front handle bar.

Rear handle uses the rear handle bar and will require rear bumper for lamp repositioning. The rear handle offers two installation options to accomodate needs of riders with upgraded suspensions:

  • Standard installation (for stock suspension setup) – the rear handle is installed on the same height as the front one using treads in metal frame above the upper edge of the rear battery cases)
  • Alternative instalation (for modified suspension linkeage) – the rear handle is installed using dedicated slots to rear bottom bumpers just below the rear light

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic design for better grip while carrying your EX30
  • Alternative rear handle mounting slots for riders using custom suspension mods

What’s in the box:

  • Front and Back Handles
  • Installation set
Weight 0.1 kg

Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Lime, Orange, Pink (Magenta), Burgundy, Purple, White, Light Grey, Graphite (Dark Grey)


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