Begode EX30 – Ultimate Combo (MK2)

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Ultimate set of modular upgrades for Begode EX30

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    We are proud to present Ultimate Upgrades Combo for the Begode EX30 EUC (Electric Unicycle), professionally designed and carefully tested to enhance your EUC’s performance, comfort, and safety. This is revised version (MK2) MK2 which offers significant enhancements over its predecessor, ensuring your EUC stands out in both functionality and style.

    Choose the comprehensive package featuring high-end fairing plates, robust bumpers, and a diverse assortment of precision-engineered accessories. Our Ultimate Upgrades Combo is designed to bring out the best in your Begode EX30 EUC, whether you’re cruising around town, racing or commuting to work.

    We know that a single upgrade won’t be enough for some riders, so our package comes with all of the essentials.

    Order the full combo or select individual modules*:

    1. Fairing Plates with Ergonomic Top
    2. Front Bumper
    3. Rear Bumper
    4. Bottom Bumpers
    5. Seat Upgrade
    6. Handle Upgrade
    7. Mudguard Adaptor

    *  modules with substantial improvments are emphasized with bold text


    Compatibility with previous kit (MK1): 

    • New bumpers are fully compatible with the previous generation of fairing plates
    • The new seat requires installation with the latest rear bumper (equipped with seat hinge slots)
    • Old generation seats are not compatible with the new rear bumpers


    The fairing plates are specifically designed to provide additional coverage and protection to the sides of the wheel, motor, and battery. This reduces the risk of damage or scratches. The fairing plates are made from high-quality, laser-cut ABS plastic, which is both lightweight and durable. They also feature a stylish matte finish that adds to the overall aesthetic of your EUC. The fairing plates are easy to install and come with extra thick and highly adhesive double-sided tape (3M VHB), ensuring a secure bond with the EUC body.

    The set enhances the versatility and customization options of your Begode EX30 electric unicycle. The fairing plates extend the surface area of the battery compartments, and therefore improve capability of the Begode EX30 for use with almost any available power-pads on the market.

    For best practice and use, customize the position of any Grizzla EUC power pad, including our Grizzla Classic, Big, and Flow pads.

    Key Features:

    • Additional impact protection for battery compartments
    • Large surface area for power pad installation (35 x 30 cm / 13.8 x 11.8 inches)
    • Ergonomic top for better leg comfort
    • Pre-installed Velcro (loops/mesh) on the fairing plate surface
    • Secure installation to the EUC with both hard point screw fittings into the upper metal frame and vibration-resistant 3M VHB adhesive tape
    • Can be used as a standalone solution for any power pads installation

    What’s in the box:

    • 2 x Fairing Plate for Begode EX30 (Left + Right)
    • 2 x Ergonomic Top
    • Pre-installed Velcro (loops)
    • Double-sided adhesive tape (pre-installed)
    • Installation set


    The front bumper is made of a tough, semi-rigid elastopolymer and designed specifically to protect the headlight, battery packs, and mainboard housing frame from unexpected impacts or collisions. The front bumper is installed and removed easily, and open to full customization. It also features top-front handle tailored specifically for secure and comfortable grip when riding seated

    Key Features:

    • Additional protection for the headlight, front batteries, and mainboard metal case
    • Handle/Grip for seated riding

    • Aerodynamic design for less air-resistance
    • Ergonomic shape meant for no interfernce in high-speed turns or lean forward acceleration
    • Secure installation with  hard point screw fittings into the metal frame

    What’s in the box:

    •  1x  Front Bumper for Begode EX30
    •  Installation set

    NOTE: The Front Bumper cannot be installed without dedicated Fairing Plates system


    The rear bumper is made of a tough, semi-rigid elastopolymer and designed to protect the suspension sub-assembly from impacts or collisions that might occur during riding. Additionally, the rear bumper’s distinctive design enables the rear light to be installed at a higher position, directly within the bumper rubber housing. This results in improved visibility during low-light riding conditions. Moreover, the upper portion of the bumper is seamlessly aligned with the top foam padding, which extends the seated riding area for enhanced comfort.

    We also ensured compatibility with both stock suspension setup as well as increasingly popular EMA linkage modification.

    Key Features:

    • Additional protection for the suspension sub-assembly
    • Compatibility with EMA linkage (suspension modification set)
    • Top-positioned light guards with integrated covers
    • Secure installation onto fairing plates system and metal frame structure
    • Extended surface for improved seated ride comfort
    • Serves as rear handle

    What’s in the box:

    • 1 x Rear Bumper for Begode EX30
    • Installation set

    NOTE: The Rear Bumper cannot be installed without dedicated Fairing Plates system. Compatibility with old and new fairing plates.


    The bottom bumpers serve as ground armor for the Begode EX30, particularly with respect to terrain with loose gravel, bumps, drops or stones. These bumpers are designed to absorb shocks and reduce the risk of damage in case of an unexpected impact. The shape of the wheel frame and battery cases of Begode EX30, which have extended corner edges and a cuboidal shape, make the undercarriage surfaces prone to damage. You can easily attach bottom bumpers to the EUC by using the screws in the battery casing.

    Key Features:

    • Additional protection for battery cases (bottom edges) and bottom parts of the wheel’s metal frame
    • Angled surface to deflect impact forces in the event of ground-obstacle impact
    • Easy installation with bottom battery screws
    • Compatible with stock EX30 kickstand

    What’s in the box:

    • 4 x Bottom Bumpers for Begode EX30 (for all 4 battery cases; only in black color)


    The seat upgrade is a must-have for those who enjoy riding seated on their Begode EX30. The seat is made of semi-rigid elastopolymer with a compliant inner structure to absorb shock and dampen road vibration. Want to ride for long-periods of time seated? This is the best upgrade you could make.  Designed for an enhanced seated riding experience, this upgrade accommodates various seated riding styles and additionally provides additional protection for motherboard housing.

    Key Features:

    • Enhanced comfort for seated riding
    • Extended seating surface allowing the rider to shift his/her weight from back to the centre and front of the EUC
    • Closing mechanism to prevent the seat from opening during the ride
    • Quick access to the stock trolley handle

    • Easy installation to the Rear Bumper (screws included)

    What’s in the box:

    • Seat Upgrade
    • Seat Mounts
    • Installation set

    NOTE: The Seat Upgarde cannot be installed without dedicated Fairing Plates system and the Rear Bumper (MK2 version with hinge slots)


    Our front handle ensures a good grip and improved comfort while lifting and carrying the Begode EX30 EUC. The front handle upgrade augments the stock front handle.

    Key Features:

    • Ergonomic design for better grip while lifting and carrying your EX30
    • Possibility to customize colors on your Begode EX30

    What’s in the box:

    • Front  Handle upgrade
    • Installation set


    Our mudguard adaptor allows to connect the stock plastic mudguard with stock steel sheet piece and hence creates single, continous mudguard piece, limiting the dirt amount in your Begode EX30.

    Key Features:

    • Connects stock components for a continuous dirt shield

    What’s in the box:

    • Mudguard Adaptor
    • Installation set
    Weight 0.1 kg
    Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

    1 review for Begode EX30 – Ultimate Combo (MK2)

    1. Linas (verified owner)

      I have been using MK1 but after linkage upgrade I had to go to MK2. I must say I love the upgrades Grizzla made, its comfortable to lift the wheel with the upgrades, also front bimper upgrade makes it really suitable to ride seated when you need that extra push ir pull on the handle. Oh and the seat is just amazing, it feels so much better that it covers the handle now and I can actually sit in the middle of the wheel. Overall 10/10 upgrade, higly recommended to anyone who is using ex30, it makes the wheel much more enjoyable.

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