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Adjustble Power Pads with Lockable Pivot System

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    Grizzla Flow sets a new standard for electric unicycle (EUC) power pads, offering unmatched performance and durability for riders seeking the ultimate experience. This innovative upgrade to any EUC represents a leap forward in human-centered design, delivering advanced features that are designed to optimize your ride. You’ll enjoy improved stability, reduced fatigue, and increased confidence on your rides.

    Built with high-quality elastopolymer and engineering techniques, Grizzla Flow power pads offer unparalleled comfort, grip, and control. With its unique design, this EUC upgrade is engineered to meet the demands of even the most demanding riders, and can be installed on all types of EUC.

    Whether you’re a seasoned EUC rider or just starting out, Grizzla Flow power pads will transform your experience. Join the next generation of electric unicycle riders and elevate your ride with Grizzla Flow power pads.

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    Angle Adjustment with Lockable Pivot System

    Lockable Pivot System
    Lockable Pivot System

    The modular design of Grizzla Flow Pads ensures an ultimate fit and comfort while riding. The feature allows you to adjust the angle between two parts of each pad to perfectly match your gear setup and riding preferences.

    How does it work? All you need to do is to unlock the pivot to set your preferred angle of the front and rear pads to match you gear setup and riding preferences. Once done, just lock the pivot to save your settings – your desired angle won’t change while attaching/detaching the pads.

    Memory System (“Memorizers”)

    Sometimes you need to take off your pads, e.g., when transporting your EUC or if you use the same set of pads on more than one wheel. We have good news for you: our innovative Memorizers allow you to easily recall the perfect position for your pads, so you won’t need to readjust them ever again!

    In case you have multiple electric unicycles, you can get an extra set of Memorizers, so you can switch the power pads set between your EUCs more easily.

    In short: with Grizzla Flow and our Memorizers, you can spend less time adjusting and more time riding in comfort and style.

    Ergonomic Holding Spots 

    Say goodbye to the frustration of struggling to detach your power pads from your electric unicycle. Say hello to our ergonomic holding spots!

    Our power pads feature specially designed holding spots that provide a comfortable and secure grip, so you can detach the pads from your EUC without any hassle.

    Pre-installed Velcro

    Grizzla Flow Pads come with pre-installed Velcro (hooks) for easy attachment to your electric unicycle, along with high-quality Velcro (loops) to attach to your EUC shell. Get riding right away with our hassle-free setup!

    Pre-installed velcro hooks
    Pre-installed velcro hooks

    Reflectors & Multi-Purpose (MP) Slots

    Reflectors installed in Multi-Purpose Slots

    Reflectors utilized in Grizzla Pads are the biggest ones in our portfolio,built to withstand crashes and impact. We’ve utilized a very durable 3M automotive grade* layer, which is commonly used for vehicle markings, and reinforced the reflectors with an additional layer of protective material underneath. Reflectors withstand tough riding conditions as proven by multiple field tests.

    There is more: with our Multi-Purpose (MP) slots, you can also install additional accessories such as lights, torches, or action cameras to enhance your riding experience.

    See below three available variants with regard to Reflectors and MP slots

    *Meets or exceeds the reflectivity requirements of EN 12899-1:2007 for Class RA2

    With Reflectors & MP Slots
    No Reflectors & WIth MP slots
    No Reflectors & No MP slots

    Multiple Colors and Sizes

    You can configure color and size of all elements of the Flow Pads:

    Comparison of Flow Big and Compact

    1. All 8 pieces in Big size with color selection for front, rear and knobs
    2. All 8 pieces in Compact Size with color selection for front, rear and knobs
    3. Mixed configuration permits you to specify the size and part colors, separately

    Flow Big  gives more leverage for acceleration, braking and jumping
    They are compatibile* and recommended for large and heavy wheels e.g.
    KingSong – S22/S22 Pro*
    Veteran – Sherman, Sherman Max, Sherman S, Abrams
    Begode – Nikola, EX, EXN, Monster, Monster Pro, Master*, Master Pro*
    Inmotion – V13

    Flow Compact provides the same features as the Big version, while being compatible with most of the available electric unicycles, including smaller models. Along with the wheels noted above you can also use Flow Compact with:

    Begode – MSX, MSP series, RS series,
    Kingsong – 16X, 18L, 18XL
    Inmotion – V8F, V10F, V11*, V12

    *Fairing Plates needed to extend/flatten the side-shell surface and install the pads securely

    In the box

    • 2x Front pads (L+R) with pre-installed velcro hooks
    • 2x Rear pads  (L+R) with pre-installed velcro hooks
    • Set of 4 Memorizers
    • Velcro (Loops) – to be installed to the side-shell of your EUC (1.2m/3.9ft total of ultra-wide stripe 16cm/6.3in)


    Weight 0.85 kg

    3 reviews for Grizzla Pads – Flow

    1. WD (verified owner)

      Wow, really make a difference. Super quick ship and receipt to the US also. Love the colors and comfort. Compact on V12HT

    2. Tom Schuto (verified owner)

      Super nettes Team!
      Schneller Versand und Spitzenprodukt.


      I have these pads on both my Sherman-S (biggie) and Patton (compact). I just love the feel of the pads and how great they feel . I get a lot of feedback from the pad through my knee-shin guards. The flex of the pads make it not so rigid compared to other pads and conform to a slight degree to your stance.
      The biggie version is perfect for bigger wheels and doesnt add addition width to an already girthy shell. The stickers and “memory” clips were also very nice. Shipping to the US didnt take too long either (Less than 1 week total) . Thank you Grizzla!!

      I have done a live unboxing of the compact version to use on my Patton, here :

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