S22 – Fairings & Bumpers Combo

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Set of essential upgrades for KingSong S22 (Pro)

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    These are essential upgrades for the KingSong S22 / S22 Pro EUC (Electric Unicycle). Choose from a comprehensive package that includes fairing plates and bumpers designed to improve the functionality, performance, and protection of your electric unicycle. Or, if you prefer, select individual modules:

    1. Fairing Plates
    2. Front Bumper & Handle
    3. Rear Bumper & Handle
    4. Top Fairings
    5. Seat Upgrade


    The fairing plates are designed to protect the sides of the wheel, motor, and battery, reducing the chances of damage or scratches. They are made from high-quality, laser-cut ABS plastic that is lightweight and durable and can be easily installed with the included double-sided adhesive.

    Mounting Plates for KingSong S22 Eagle

    The set enhances the versatility and customization options of your Kingsong S22 / S22 Pro electric unicycle – you can easily install most of the available power-pads on the KingSong S22 side-shell, by extending the surface area along on the battery compartments.

    Key Features:

    • Additional Protection for the batteries
    • Large surface for pads installation (30 x 30 cm / 11.8 x 11.8 inches)
    • Pre-installed velcro (loops/mesh) on the plate surface
    • Made of laser-cut, durable ABS sheets (5mm thickness)
    • Ready to install on your electric unicycle using extended screws and 3M VHB tape (included)

    Customize the position of any EUC power pad, including our Grizzla Classic, Big, and Flow pads with ease using the fairing plate.

    What’s in the box:

    • 2 x Fairing Plate for KingSong S22 Eagle (Left + Right)
    • Pre-installed velcro loops
    • 3M VHB tape (pre-installed)


    Made from tough, semi-rigid elastopolymer, the front bumper is designed to protect the headlight and battery packs from any impacts or collisions that might occur during riding. It can be easily installed and removed, allowing for customization and versatility. In addition to increased protection the front bumper also serves as kickstand and handle which makes parking and carrying your KingSong S22 / S22 Pro much easier.

    Key Features:

    • Front Bumper to protect headlight and the batteries
    • Handle for lifting & carrying the wheel
    • Can be used as Footstand
    • Made of semi-rigid, durable rubber material which will withstand and protect your S22 at multiple occasions
    • Robust attachement to the EUC with solid frame (Carbonfiber Nylon) and discretely side-located screws
    • Smart lights’ cable management
    KingSong S22 Eagle Front Bumper / Handle / Footstand
    KingSong S22 Eagle Front Bumper / Handle / Footstand

    What’s in the box:

    • 1 x Front Bumper/Handle/Footstand for KingSong S22 /S22 Pro
    • 1 x set of Nylon frames/foundations (for tge Left+Right battery compartments, installed with sscrews for stock bumper)


    Made from tough, semi-rigid elastopolymer, the rear bumper is designed to protect the suspension sub-assembly from any impacts or collisions that might occur during riding. It can be easily installed and removed, allowing for customization and versatility.

    Key Features:

    • In the unfortunate event of the accident, the rear bumper will absorb part of the impact to protect the suspension arms and air chamber
    • It is rigid enough to serve as rear handle (when motor kill-switch is activated!)
    • Made of durable rubber-like material (TPU)
    • All necessary screws and instalation manual are included
    S22 - Top Fairings
    S22 – Top Fairings

    What’s in the box:

    • 1 x Rear Bumper & Handle set for KingSong S22 / S22 Pro
    • Installation screws


    Ergonomic rubber pieces to smooth out sharp edges of the battery cases. This upgrade improves greatly leg comfort.

    You can now squeeze the wheel with you legs with no pain and control it with more confidence!

    Pop-up instalation with no screws requiered.

    S22 - Top Fairings
    S22 – Top Fairings

    There are two versions available:

    • With Grizzla Fairing Plates  – it includes + 5mm offset to make continous surface with our fairing plates for S22
    • Without Grizzla Fairing Plates – ir created smooth continous surface with the battery cases


    Enhance your KingSong S22 riding experience with our premium seat upgrade, specifically designed for the KingSong S22 / S22 Pro electric unicycle. This top-of-the-line seat is crafted from durable, semi-rigid elastopolymer, providing unparalleled comfort and shock absorption. Ideal for long rides, this ergonomic seat upgrade ensures you enjoy every journey on your KingSong S22 without compromising on performance

    KingSong S22 - Seat Upgrade
    KingSong S22 – Seat Upgrade

    Key Features:

    • Superior Comfort: Tailor-made for the KingSong S22 / S22 Pro, this seat upgrade offers enhanced comfort for extended seated rides
    • Ergonomic Design: Meticulously engineered to avoid any interference with your legs, ensuring a seamless experience during jumps or high-speed turns
    • Tail Light Mount: Comes equipped with a tail light mount, compatible with both Grizzla and various third-party lights, enhancing safety and visibility
    • Easy installation process using the provided screws

    What’s in the box:

    • Seat Upgrade for KingSong S22 / S22 PRO (in your chosen color)
    • Seat base (Black color)
    • Rear Light (optional purchase)
    • Installation Pack
    • Grizzla Stickers

    Upgrade your KingSong S22 / S22 Pro with this must-have seat for a more comfortable, enjoyable, and safe riding experience. Perfect for KingSong S22 enthusiasts looking to elevate their ride!


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