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Portable stand compatibile with most of EUCs

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Introducing the versatile Universal EUC Stand, designed to accommodate a wide range of electric unicycle (EUC) models. This lightweight, yet sturdy stand is perfect for the EUC enthusiast who wants a convenient and reliable way to store or showcase their electric unicycles.

Crafted from rigid, durable material, the Universal EUC Stand ensures stability and security for your EUC while also being easy to transport. Its universal compatibility means you can trust it to support most EUC brands and models on the market, making it an essential accessory for any electric unicycle owner.

Don’t let your EUC risk damage from improper storage – Invest in the Universal EUC Stand today for peace of mind and ease of use.

  •  Featuring a universal design: With two adjustable width settings, our stand accommodates a broad range of electric unicycles (EUCs) available on the market. For a comprehensive list of compatible models, please refer to the information provided below.

  • Durable and reliable: Boasting a robust design and high-quality materials, this stand has been rigorously tested to withstand static loads of over 200 pounds (90 kg)!
  • Portable and lightweight: Experience exceptional mobility with the stand’s quick-folding mechanism, allowing for effortless transport and storage. Its compact size and light weight (~1.1 pounds / 0.5 kg), combined with the included carrying bag, makes it an ideal solution for on-the-go EUC enthusiasts.

Universal Portable EUC Stand

  • Anti-slide: Equipped with anti-slide protection, this stand ensures your electric unicycle remains securely in place, preventing unwanted movement or slippage for added peace of mind

Universal Portable EUC Stand

  • Personal style: Personalize your stand with a wide array of color customization options (10 colors available). Match your style or coordinate with your electric unicycle for a truly unique and eye-catching appearance

Universal Portable EUC Stand

Compatibility List (by Brand):


  • V5/V5F
  • V8/V8F/V8S
  • V10/V10F
  • V12/V12HT


  • 16X/16XS
  • 18L/18XL


  • MSP/MSX/RS series
  • Monster V2/V3 series
  • EX/EXN
  • Master
  • T4
  • EX30
  • Mten3
  • Mten4
  • MCM5 V1/V2

Leaper Kim:

  • Veteran Sherman OG, Sherman Max


  • Z6
  • Z10

Not compatible (testing in progress): We are still testing compatibility with other wheels (please inquire if you have any questions)—We’ll soon release a Mega-sized version of our Universal EUC Stand to accommodate additional EUCs:

  • KingSong: KS S22 (Pro), KingSong 16S, 14S/D, S18, 18S
  • Begode/Gotway: Tesla, Monster Pro, Master Pro, EX20, A2
  • Inmotion: V11, V13
  • LeaperKim: Veteran Abrams, Veteran Patton



Weight 0.6 kg
Color (Pillars)

Red, Black, Yellow, Lime, Blue, Graphite, Orange, White, Pink, Light Grey

Color (Bridges)

Red, Black, Yellow, Lime, Blue, Graphite, Orange, White, Pink, Light Grey


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