How to Choose the Right EUC Power Pads: A Grizzla Pads Guide

So, you’re unsure how to find the best EUC power pads for your ride. Well, the first time I realized that power pads would make my life on a single wheel easier, I tried making my own. I took the DIY (do-it-yourself) route—which in hindsight had its problems. But, in the process of understanding what power pads did for my legs, feet, and overall confidence on an EUC, I became enamored with finding what professional riders use. Enter my expensive trip buying up all the power pads I could find (and afford). A year later, I’ve concluded that any ideal EUC power pad purchase will depend on your ability to customize the experience for your particular way of riding.

In this article, I want to guide you through the world of EUC power pads, focusing on the fantastic range of EUC side power pads offered by Grizzla.

So, let’s step on it, and get rolling!

The Importance of Power Pads in EUC Riding

Power pads are more than just accessories. They’re integral to the EUC riding experience, significantly enhancing control, stability, and rider confidence. They’re the invisible hands guiding your ride, making sharp turns smoother and sudden brakes safer. You can read more about the benefits of power pads in this article.

Understanding the Different Types of Grizzla Pads

Grizzla Pads offer a variety of power pads, each designed for specific use cases and rider preferences:

Gen-1″ Grizzla pads – great all-purpose pads offered in three sizes:

  • Grizzla Classic: The first modular power pads on the market. Suitable for most EUCs, these side pads are a great all-rounder, making them a solid choice for those with standard EUC model. You may also choose an enhanced version with reflectors.
  • Grizzla Big: Similar to Grizzla Classic, yet designed for larger, +18″ wheels. These pads are perfect for those who prefer a bigger EUC for their urban or off-road adventures. A version with reflectors is available, too
  • Grizzla Baby: Designed for smaller, 14-16″ wheels. These pads cater to riders with smaller EUCs, including younger riders just starting their EUC journey

Gen-2″ Grizzla pads – offering additional features and even more adjustability:

Grizzla Flow: Grizzla Flow is the latest and most advanced pads in Grizzla’s portfolio. Adjustable and equipped with a lockable pivot system, they offer the highest level of customization, letting you tailor the ride to your style. Grizzla Flow comes in two sizes –  “Compact” (suitable for most EUCs) and “Big” (for larger, +18″ wheels). For advanced riders, there is also possibility to customize size and color of each piece of the pad separately (Flow – Mixed version in the configurator).

Enter EUC power pads…Who knew so much power could come from such a simple accessory?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Power Pads

Choosing the right power pads involves considering your wheel size, riding style (urban or off-road), comfort preferences, and the degree of control you desire. For example, if you ride a larger EUC and prefer off-road trails, the Grizzla Big or Grizzla Flow Big could be your ideal match.

Indeed, other power pads are on the market, too. But as I’ve mentioned before, the innovative part of what sets Grizzla apart and makes them so popular with professional riders is the customization throughout the entire pad setup. First, you can choose from many different shapes and sizes (see previous section). Here, Grizzla Flow allows the highest level of customization, as you can even mix the sizes of top and bottom modules of the pad, if you choose to do so (see Grizzla Flow configurator). Second, once your set arrives you can play around with it quite a lot – while all Grizzla pads allow you to customize their positioning on your EUC side shell, Grizzla Flow also gives you an opportunity to adjust the angle between  the top and bottom part of the pad. And, installation and setup is super easy, too (see below).

Here’s what you should consider when deciding the best EUC power pads for your next wheel, and a few thoughts on how Grizzla stacks up against other pads on the market:

  1. Wheel Size: The size of your EUC wheel significantly influences the type of power pad you should choose. Some pads are designed for larger, +18″ wheels, while others are crafted for smaller, 14-16″ wheels​.
  2. No matter the size of your wheel, Grizzla got you covered – Grizzla Big and Grizzla Flow Big are designed for larger, +18″ wheels, Grizzla Baby is crafted for smaller, 14-16″ wheels. That said, a large majority of wheels will work well with pads in the most universal size – Grizzla Classic and Flow Compact 
  3. Riding Style: Your personal riding style and the terrain you typically ride on also play a significant role in selecting the right power pads. If you frequently traverse rough, off-road trails, you might need power pads that offer more control and stability. On the other hand, for mostly urban commuting, comfort and maneuverability could be more important.
  1. Does it mean that you need different pads for off-road, city commuting and trick riding? Not necessarily. Grizzla pads are designed and thoroughly tested to meet the needs of different types of riders and gained a wide acclaim across the EUC community
  2. Control and Adjustability: The degree of adjustability you want from your EUC can also guide your power pad choice. While most users will be satisfied with standard pads, there are riders out there who are very particular about the way they want to position their pads on the EUC.
    • Highly adjustable power pads like the Grizzla Flow, with their lockable pivot system, can provide control and adjustability over the shape of each pad, enhancing your ride’s comfort
  3. Quality and Durability: The quality and durability of the power pads are critical considerations. High-quality power pads can withstand the rigors of regular use and harsh riding conditions
    1. All Grizzla padsare known for their durability with high-strength, elastopolymer construction, making them a reliable choice
  4. Ease of Installation: Lastly, consider how easy the power pads are to install. Some power pads can be quickly and easily attached to your EUC, saving you time and effort. With most pads, you’ll want to use Velcro for the simplicity of attaching, removing, or just adjusting the power pad placement.
  5. All Grizzla pads come with pre installed Velcro (hooks) and a sheet  of Velcro (loops) to attach on your EUC side shell. Grizzla Flow additionally offers the memory system (“memorizers”) that allow you to easily recall the perfect position for your pads, so if you take them off you won’t need to readjust them 

Grizzla Pads: How to customize pads positioning on your wheel

Having tried Grizzla Pads myself, I can vouch for their superior comfort and control. They’re stable, durable, and importantly, easy to install. Each model offers unique advantages, making it easier for riders to find a perfect match for their needs.

Because all Grizzla Pads attach to your EUC using Velcro (included as standard), you have a limitless number of ways to move the pads to fit your needs. Customize placement on your EUC to your heart’s content. Do you like a more forward stance? Staggered? Easy. Move the front pad (accelerator) and the back pad (the brake) as needed.

For those looking for more control and that “locked-in” feeling, you can lower the front pads to the tops of your feet. The closer the gap between Grizzla pad and your shoes, the more control and stability you’ll find—indeed, it may take more effort to remove your feet from the pedals!

For the ultimate locked-in feeling, place the back pads close to your heel so that it wraps around your Achilles tendon behind your ankle.

Yes, and for those who ride more casually, or want to move about on their pedals, loosen up the Grizzla pads. Increase that gap between the pads, your feet, and the pedals.

Oh, and regarding customization, I haven’t even touched upon the mirade of colors you can choose from. You choose different colors for every part of each Grizzla pad set you order. From a gentle blue to the white or green/black combo, the choice is yours!

How to Install Your Power Pads

Installing power pads on your EUC is straightforward. Here are some steps:

1. Clean your EUC shell where the pads will be placed.

2. Peel off the adhesive backing from any included Velcro sheets, and stick them to your EUC (velcro loops/mesh)

3. Carefully align the EUC pads with your EUC shell

4. Press firmly to secure the pads in place

5. Repeat for the opposing side

Remember, correct positioning is crucial for optimal performance, so take your time with this process.

Tips for Getting Comfortable with Your New Power Pads

It may take a few rides on your EUC to get a sense for how you like your pads to fit around your legs and feet. Start by taking short rides, gradually increasing the duration as you get more comfortable. Make minor adjustments to the pad positioning if needed. Remember, the goal is to achieve a natural and comfortable riding stance.

You’ll also want to make sure you perform the attachment while wearing appropriate footwear, as your shoes/boots can significantly affect ride feel and performance.

Ultimately, adjusting to new power pads takes patience and practice. But, once you get there, you’ll wonder why you tried riding without them at all!


Choosing the right power pads can greatly elevate your EUC riding experience. Grizzla Pads, with their variety of models, offer fantastic options for every rider. The right power pads will not only improve your control and safety but also make each electric unicycle ride more engaging.

So, take the leap, choose the right power pads, and see the difference for yourself.

Happy (mono)wheeling!

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