Veteran Patton – Ultimate Combo

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Complete set of modular upgrades for Veteran Patton EUC

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    We are proud to present the Ultimate Upgrades Combo for the LeaperKim Veteran Patton EUC (Electric Unicycle), professionally designed and carefully tested to enhance your EUC’s performance, comfort, and safety.

    Patton Combo with Large Seat & Flow – Big

    Choose the comprehensive package featuring robust bumpers, and a diverse assortment of precision-engineered accessories. Our Ultimate Upgrades Combo is designed to bring out the best in your Veteran Patton EUC, whether you’re cruising around town, racing or commuting to work.

    Patton Combo with Slim Seat & Flow – Big


    We know that a single upgrade won’t be enough for some riders, so our package comes with all of the essentials.

    Order the full combo or select individual modules:

    1. Front + Rear Bumpers & Handles (with extra front, low handle)
    2. Front Bottom Bumper
    3. Bottom Battery Bumpers
    4. Top Fairings with Suspension Dials
    5. Seat Upgrade (Two Sizes)
    Patton Combo with Slim Seat & Flow – Big

    * Flow-Big power pads not included

    1. FRONT AND REAR BUMPERS & HANDLES (with extra front low handle and pre-cut velcro mesh)

    Our front and rear bumpers are made of a tough, semi-rigid rubber and designed specifically to protect the headlight, tail light, battery packs, and mainboard housing  from unexpected impacts or collisions. The bumpers can be installed and removed quickly for easy maintenance.

    Front Bumper with Extra Handle

    These bumpers and handles are packed with tons of features which extends functionality of the stock setup.

    Key Features:

    • Bumpers are made of tough rubber material for increased durability and better shock absorbtion
    • Front-Top handle was moved upwards for easier access to charging port
    • Added extra handle at the front (below the headlight) to make lifting the wheel easier (e.g. when you need to place the wheel at the workshop table, car trunke etc.)
    • Rear Bumper features mounting point for harness shacle which, ideal for heavy offroad riders
    Mounting Point for harness shackle
    • Increased surface area for power pad installation for euc pads (aka power-pads), as Bumpers are now aligned with the battery cases
    • System comes with heavy-duty, precisely-cut velcro mesh/loops

    Large flat surface for Power Pads

    What’s in the box:

    • Front Bumper system with extra handle
    • Rear Bumper system
    • Pre-cut velcro loops
    • Installation set

    * This product comes only in Black color

    ** You need our Top Fairings to securely install front bumper upgrade. Top Farings provide scure point of installation for the fron bumper & handle:


    These bumpers are designed to absorb shocks and reduce the risk of damage in case of an unexpected impact in case of the crash. The cuboidal shape of the battery cases of Veteran Patton, which have extended corner edges, make the undercarriage surfaces prone to damage. You can easily attach Front Bottom bumpers to the EUC by using the the stock screws left out from removing the stock pads.

    Key Features:

    • Additional protection for battery cases (front bottom edges) and the  mudgugard (front collisions)
    • Quick and Easy installation using stock screws

    What’s in the box:

    • 2 x Front Bottom Bumper (1x Left, 1 x Right)

    * This product comes only in Black color


    The bottom bumpers serve as ground armor for the Veteran Patton, particularly with respect to terrain with loose gravel, bumps, drops or stones. These bumpers are designed to protect the suspension rods, batteries and cables to reduce the risk of damage in case of an unexpected impact.  You can easily attach bottom bumpers to the EUC by using the stock screws. These parts were carefully designed for perfect fit with the stock pads as well as our Front Bottom Bumper.

    Key Features:

    • Additional protection for battery cases (bottom edges, cables) and Suspension Rods
    • Easy installation with stock screws
    • Compatible with stock pads

    What’s in the box:

    • 2 x Bottom Bumpers for Veteran Patton (1 left side, 1 right side)

    * This product comes only in Black color


    Ergonomic rubber pieces to smooth out sharp top edges of the battery cases on your Veteran Patton electric unicycle. This upgrade improves greatly leg comfort. You can now involve your legs to manouver the electric unicycle with no pain and hence control it with more confidence!


    In addition, our top fairings feature stylish suspension dials for on-the-ride adjustments of compression and rebound settings:

    Stealth Knob Design
    Rebound Adjustment Dial
    Compression Adjustment Dial

    Key Features:

    • Smooth and ergonomic cover for top edges of the battery cases
    • Suspension Dials for quick on-the-ride adjustments of compression and rebound settings
    • Easy instalation with no tools or screws requiered (press-fit)

    What’s in the box:

    • 2 x Top Fairings for Veteran Patton EUC
    • 2 x Suspension dials ( 1 x Rebound, 1 x Compression settings)

    * This product comes only in Black color


    The seat upgrade is a must-have for those who enjoy riding seated on their LeaperKim Veteran Patton. The seat is made of semi-rigid elastopolymer with a compliant inner structure to absorb shock and dampen road vibration. Want to ride for long-periods of time seated? This is the best upgrade you could make.  Designed for an enhanced seated riding experience, this upgrade comes in two sizes to accommodate various seated riding styles and preferences.

    Rear Bumper and Large Seat

    Choose slim size if you prefer to lower to the EUC body (+3.5cm/1.4 in), or go large if you prefer a taller sitting position (+6.5cm/2.5 in).

    Patton Combo with Slim Seat
    Patton Combo with Large Seat

    No problem to access the trolley handle:

    We made it easy to swap or remove the seat completely:

    Key Features:

    • Enhanced comfort for seated riding
    • Two sizes to accommodate your seated riding preference
    • Easy installation to the Rear Handle (screws included) and Fairing Plate system
    • Closing mechanism to prevent the seat from opening during the ride
    • Quick access to the stock trolley handle
    • Easy to remove or swap between the two sizes
    Patton Combo with Slim Seat
    Patton Combo with Large Seat

    What’s in the box:

    • Seat Upgrade (Slim or Large)
    • Seat Mount

    NOTE: For best experience please consider purchsing the seat together with our Top Fairings which contains the notches preventing the seat from opening or being loose during the ride

    * This product comes only in Black color

    Weight 2.2 kg
    Dimensions 35 × 35 × 15 cm


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